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Do Only Children Need Setback Experience?
Do Only Children Need Setback Experience?
Some people think that only children needn`t setback experience, is trmes have changed, only children should not be subjected to strict demands. In their eyes, experiencing setback makes these sensitive children feel being underdogs (战败者). Therefore, letting down only children spiritually is harmful to their psychological wellWeing(心理健康).
However, some people hold opposite opinions. They claim that setback experience is beneficial to only children. It encourages children to practice their skills and ability and work on their weak points, and fulfill its goal of getting them used to real and competitive society. Going through some setback may contribute to the shape of their personal character in the future.
In my opinion, setback experience should be urgently advocated (倡导). Setback experience acquires new meaning in today`s era (时代) of change. The road to success starts from the beginning, and our world is one full of competitions, If only children have never had any setback, in the long run they won`t bear any setback or failure in life. Some setback early on may make them ready for very challenging issues at a later date.
核心剖析 此题目为提炼主题型。题型为提纲作文。题目以 一 般疑问句的形式出现,类似辩论赛中的辩题。在分析提纲各点时,考生要仔细斟酌其外延和内涵,把握所包含的丰富信息。同时,考生还要注意变换角色:首先站在正方立场,然后站在反

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