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One Day in the Future|未来世界
Full Name: Pei Qi (裴琦)
Date of Birth: Aug 4th, 1987
Star Sign: Leo (狮子座)
School:? Class 1, Grade 1, Hebei Dong Guang No. 1 High School (河北东光一中)
Dream University: Zhejiang University
Favorite Food: Baked sweet potato, fried drum stick(炸鸡腿) and coke(可乐)
It is Dec.25th, 2050. It is Christmas Day. The people in the city are all celebrating Christmas. I’m mayor of our city. My citizens and I are holding a big party under the sea, though you wouldn’t believe it. But please do not feel excited, you should feel sad—we have to live under the sea. Because of the pollution, the earth has been completely destroyed, from top to bottom. The atmosphere has no oxygen or moisture, even ozone1. As a result, the plants are burned by the intense sunlight with a great deal of harmful rays2. Of course, none of them are still alive. Not only no green, but also the temperature reaches about 121oC all day even in winter because there is too much carbon dioxide3 encircling the earth. On the land, there is no life. Luckily, the sea is not destroyed by humans. So, we have to move into the sea. At the bottom of the water, people have built many new cities, our city included. There is a lot of advanced4 equipment in each city. Computers have been used more and more. They are used to control all the machines, even the people’s life. We use them to grow vegetables in the glasshouses in order to supply citizens green food. We can also purify5 the seawater into fresh water. There are two machines making oxygen. If they stop working for only one minute, more than 10 million people will die. We have a power station, which works with nuclear energy. It can generate 10 million kilowatts a year.
The population of our city is more than 30 million. A city with so many people, of course, is very crowded. We have lots of high buildings and overbridges6. The roads are wide, too. Our vehicles are miniature UFOs7—don’t be surprised, it is true. At the bottom of the sea you cannot see anything, because there is no light from dawn till dusk. However, we have advanced lighting equipment so that we can see the “sun” under the sea.
There are many cities like ours. Believe it or not, 60 billion people are living at the bottom of the water. We don’t like the way our ancestors8 lived millions of years ago. Though we have high tech, we have no idea what a healthy life is like. If humans destroyed nature, nature would take revenge9 on us sooner or later. What a bad situation I have to face as mayor of our city! I wonder one day if the sea were polluted, where would my citizens go—to the moon?
P.S.10 It is just a dream. But if we go on polluting nature, it will become true one day. Then, everything will be too late.

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