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Packaged-products 150 b(68 kg)or Less
STA2 Series ISTA, The Association for Transport Packaging is the world leader in Performance Tests for Packaged-products
I TA 2 Series tests are a ombination of basic test e ements from IS TA 1 Sees(Non-simulation Integrity Performanc
Test Procedure
Testing )and advanced test elements from ISTA 3 Series(General Simulation Performance Testing
They challenge the capability of the package and product to Withstand transport hazards, but
They only simulate some actual transport hazards, and
They do not necessarily comply with carrier packaging regulations
When properly applied, ISTA procedures will provide tangible benefits of
Shortened packaged development time and confidence in product launch
Protection of products and profits with reduced damage and product loss
Economically balanced distribution costs
Customer satisfaction and continued business
There are three sections: Overview, Testing and Report
Overview provides the general knowlege required efore going into the testing laboratory and
Testing presents the specific instructions to do the testing in the laboratory and
Report indicates what data shall be recorded to submit a test report to ISTA
Two s ems of wei s and measures are presented in IS A test procedures T ey are the English system(Inch-pound
and he inter ationa m Me)- ound units ae shown first with Metric units in brackets, except in som
tables where they are shown separately
Either system may be used as the unit of measure(standard units), but
The standard units chosen shall be used consistently throughout the procedure
Units are converted to two significant figures and
Not exact equivalents
The entire document shall be read and understood before proceeding with a test.
Preface Test Procedure 2A is a partial simulation test for individual packaged-products
It can be used to evaluate the performance of a packaged-product
It can be used to compare relative performance of package and product design alternatives
It should be considered for e evaluation of packaged-products intended for intemational distribution
The package and product are considered together and not separately
Some conditions of transit, such as moisture, pressure or unusual handling, may not be covere
Other ISTA Procedures may be appropriate for different conditions or to meet different objectives
Specific suggestions
For packaged-products that may be transported in a small parcel delivery system consider STA General Simulation
Performance Test Procedure 3C
Refer to Guidelines for Selecting and Using/STA Proiects and Procedures for additional information
Copyright O 2001 by International Safe Transit Association. Al/ rights Reserved
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