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DIN 6701-2

DIN ICS 45.040; 83.180
Use of adhesive bonding in the manufacture of rail vehicles and parts of rail vehicles
Part 2: Qualification of user-companies, quality assurance
Total number of pages: 29
Railway vehicle standard committee at the DIN (Deutsches Institut f??r Normung e.V.)

Table of contents
This standard was developed from NA 087 05-06 AA ??Adhesive Bonding Technology in Rail Vehicle Construction?? of the Railway Vehicle Standards Committee (FSF).
Adhesive bonding is a key process in the manufacture of rail vehicles and parts of rail vehicles. The standards in the DIN 6701 series specify the requirements for ??adhesive bonding??, a so-called special process. These requirements are based on the technical standards for adhesive bonding, taking into account the special needs for rail vehicle construction.
The standards in the DIN 6701 series ??Use of adhesive bonding in the manufacture of rail vehicles and parts of rail vehicles?? comprise:
- Part 1: Basic terms and basic regulations
- Part 2: Qualification of adhesive users (hereafter called user-companies) and compliance evaluation
- Part 3: Design specifications (in preparation)
- Part 4: Regulations for manufacturing adhesive bonds and quality assurance (in preparation)
1 Area of application
This standard applies for bonding and sealing substrates for manufacturing and repairing rail vehicles and parts of rail vehicles. It defines the general terms and basic regulations for bonding and sealing work. It:
- assigns parts to classes
- defines the requirements placed on user-companies
- describes the procedure for accrediting user-companies and
- describes the procedure for compliance evaluation.
2 Reference standards
The following documents are required for using this standard. Where date versions are mentioned, only these are relevant. Where date versions are not mentioned, the most recent version of the document applies (including all amendments).
DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, General requirements for the expertise of testing and calibration laboratories
Guideline DVS?-EWF 3301, European Adhesive Specialist1)
Guideline DVS?-EWF 3305, European Adhesive Bonder1)
Guideline DVS?-EWF 3309, DVS-EWF training course - European Adhesive Engineer - EAE1)
Guideline DVS? 3310, Quality requirements in adhesive bonding technology1)
1) Available from Beuth Verlag GmbH, 10772 Berlin, Germany
3 Terms
The following terms are used in this document, in accordance with DIN 6701-1.
3.1 Classification of bonded joints
Table 1 classifies bonded joints on rail vehicles and on components and parts of rail vehicles as a function of the relevant safety requirements.
The classification of the bonded parts into part classes is based on the potential effect of failure of the bonded joint as stated by the relevant design companies/engineers. The same applies for repairs to bonded joints and for repairs realized by adhesive bonding. The part classes must be indicated on drawings. The relevant design engineer must involve the supervisor in charge of the bonding work (SIC) in the process of assigning bonded parts to classes.
Table 1 ?C Classification of bonded joints
Class Description Examples a A1 Bonded joints on rail vehicles and parts of rail vehicles with high safety requirements - GFRP head to

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