MSS SP-61-2003 钢制阀门压力试验.pdf

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MSS SP-61-2003
Pressure Testing
of Steel Valves
Standard Practice
Developed and Approved by the
Manufacturers Standardization Society of the
Valve and Fittings Industry, Inc.
127 Park Street NE
Vienna, Virginia 22180
ed by IHS Licensee=Technip/59318
under license with MSS
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anystsfdards. com
This MSS Standard Practice was developed under the consensus ofthe MSS Technical Committee 1 14 and the
MSS Coordinating Commitee. The content ofthis Standard Practice is the result of the efforts of competent and
concerned volunteers to provide an effective, clear, and non-exclusive specification that will benefit the industry
as a whole. This MSS Standard Practice is intended as a basis for common practice by the manufacturer, the
user, and the general public. The existence of an MSS Standard Practice does not in itself preclude the manufac-
ture, sale, or use of products not conforming to the Standard Practice. Mandatory conformance is established
only by reference in a code, specification, sales contract, or public law, as applicable
Unless otherwise specifically noted in this MSS SP, any standard referred to herein is identified by the date of
issue that was applicable to the referenced standard()at the date of issue of this MSS SP. (See Annex A)
In this Standard Practice all notes, annexes, tables, and figures are construed to be essential to the understanding
of the message of the standard, and are considered part of the text unless noted as"supplemental. All appendi-
ces appearing in this document are construed as"supplementa ."Supplemental information does not include
mandatory requirements
U. S customary units in this SP are the standard; the metric units are for reference only
Non-toleranced dimensions in this Standard Practice are nominal, and, unless otherwise specified, shall be
considered"forreference only
Any part of this standard may be guoted. Credit lines should read extracted from MSS P-61, 2003 with
permission of the publisher, the Manufacturers Standardization Society. Reproduction prohibited uder
copyright convention unless written permission is granted by the Manufacturers Standardization Society
of the Yalve and Fittings Industry, Inc
Originally Approved February, 1961
Copyright 0, 1985 by
Manufacturers Standardization Societ
f the
Valve and Fittings Industry, Inc
Printed in U.S.A
Copyright MSS
Document provided by IHS Licensee=Technip/5931917102, 08/10/200403:4307 MDT
Provided by IHS under license with MSS
Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Group

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