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1. This time I will introduce Tang Poetry to you, which is of great help in learning Chinese. 这次我要向你介绍唐诗,它对学习汉语有很大帮助。 【核心短语】 introduce sb / sth to sb 向某人介绍某人/某事物 (be) of help 有帮助的   2. In class, you will mainly learn Tang Poetry, which reflects traditional Chinese culture and is deeply loved by Chinese. 课堂上,你将主要学习唐诗,唐诗反应了中国的传统文化,并且深受中国人的喜爱。 【核心短语】 is deeply loved by 深受……喜爱   3. You'd better make full preparations before class and have a brief understanding of the history of Tang Dynasty, which makes it easy for you to go through the class. 上课之前,你最好准备充分并且对唐朝历史有一个简单的了解,这会使你上起课来更容易。 【核心短语】 make full preparations 准备充分 have a brief understanding of... 对……有简单的了解   4. Not only will our club's works be displayed, but we also have a valuable set of paper-cutting created by a famous artist of this field. 不仅我们俱乐部的作品将会被展示,而且我们也会让这个领域的著名艺术家创作一套有价值的剪纸。 【核心短语】 not only...but also... 不仅……而且……   5. Besides, there will be a lot of useful and interesting activities, from which you can have a clearer picture of Chinese culture. 而且,将会有许多有用而有趣的活动,从中你可以对中国文化有一个更清晰的认识。   6. Thank you in advance.  先行致谢。 【核心短语】 in advance (of... ) 提前 (于……);预先 (于……)   7. Thank you for your concern. 谢谢你的关心。   8. Any student who is interested is welcome to participate. 欢迎任何感兴趣的同学前来参加。   9. I sincerely hope you could join us. 我真诚地希望你能加入我们。   10. I would appreciate it if you could take my proposal into consideration. 如果您能考虑我的建议,我将不胜感激。 【核心短语】 I'd appreciate it if …  如果……我将不胜感激 take sth into consideration  考虑到某事;顾及某事   11. We would appreciate it if you could reply at your earliest convenience. 如果您能尽早回复,我们将不胜感激。 【核心短语】 at your earliest convenience [书信用语] 尽早;尽快   12. Glad to see you have made some progress in Chinese learning and I’m writing to tell you something about our next lesson. 很高兴看到你在汉语学习方面的进步。写信的时候,我会告诉你关于下次课的一些事情。 【核心短语】 have made some progress in... 在……方面取得了进步   13. The lesson will be given from 3 pm to 5 pm on the afternoon of next Tuesday in the classroom 502. 下周二下午3点到5点在502教室上课。   14. If there is anything that I can help you, please don't hesitate to tell me. 如果有什么需要我帮忙的,请尽管告诉我。   15. Now I'm glad to tell you there will be a Chinese paper-cutting exhibition held by our school. 现在,我很高兴地告诉你,我们学校将会举办一场中国剪纸展览。   16. I sincerely hope you can set aside some time for the art feast. 我真诚地希望你能抽出一些时间来参加这场艺术盛宴。   17. I would appreciate it if you accept my invitation. 如果你能接受我的邀请,我将不胜感激。   18. I'm sure it can leave a wonderful impression on you! 我确定它能给你留下深刻印象。 【核心短语】 leave a wonderful impression on 给……留下美好的印象   19. Occasionally learning that you are addicted to table tennis, I am writing to sincerely invite you to join the table tennis team in our school aimed at developing our interests and improving our skills. 偶然间了解到你对乒乓球很着迷,我写信是诚挚地邀请你参加我们学校的乒乓球队,这个球队旨在开发我们的兴趣和培养我们的技能。 【核心短语】 be addicted to 对……入迷   20. If you are interested in what I have stated above, sign upon our school website before September 1st. 如果你对我以上的陈述感兴趣,请在9月1号前在我们学校的网站上报名吧。 【核心短语】 sign up 报名   21. I'm looking forward to your early reply. 期待您早日回复。   22. Any student who is interested is welcome to participate. 任何感兴趣的学生都可以来参加。   23. If you want to join, you can send your photos to photoshow@. 如果您想加入,可以将照片发送至photoshow@。   24. I am sure everyone will benefit a lot from this activity. 我相信大家都会从这个活动中获益良多。 【核心短语】 benefit from sth 受益于某事物   25. I hope I will be accepted as a member of your summer camp. 我希望能成为你们夏令营中的一员。 【核心短语】 accept sb as... 接纳某人成为……   26. Outdoor activities are really helpful in building up my body and enriching my school life. 户外活动确实对我增强体质和丰富学校生活有益。 【核心短语】 be helpful in doing sth 对做某事有帮助   27. As Teachers' Day was approaching, our class decided to hold a party to celebrate the important day. 教师节日益临近,我们班决定举行聚会来庆祝这个重要的节日。   28. On behalf of our school, I would like to express our warm welcome to you. 我代表我校,向您表示热烈的欢迎。 【核心短语】 on behalf of 代表 express welcome to sb 对某人表示欢迎   29. We should take an active part in sports and outdoor activities frequently. 我们应该经常积极参加体育运动和户外活动。 【核心短语】 take an active part in 积极参与   30. The activity got us close to nature and gave us relaxation from heavy school work. 这次活动让我们走近了大自然,使我们从繁重的课业中解脱出来。 【核心短语】 get close to 接近   31. As time went by, I gradually adapted myself to the school life. 随着时间的推移,我逐渐适应了学校生活。 【核心短语】 go by 流逝 adapt oneself to sth 使自己适应某事物   32. The table-tennis team of our school is admitting new players. 我们学校的乒乓球队正在招收新队员。   33. I read the announcement of the summer camp that you have posted on the Internet and I am interested in it. 我阅读了你们在网上发布的夏令营布告,对此很感兴趣。 【核心短语】 be interested in 对……感兴趣   34. I kept practising until I became confident enough to challenge the good players. 我一直不断练习,直至我有足够的信心向优秀选手挑战。   35. Besides building my body and enriching my knowledge, after-class activities also free me from the heavy work of study. 除了强身健体和丰富知识之外,课后活动也让我从繁重的学业中解脱了出来。 【核心短语】 free sb from

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