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VESA LS-EXT Standard Release A Copyright 2003 Video Electronics Standards Association Page 1 of 21 LS-EXT Standard VESA Video Electronics Standards Association 860 Hillview Court, Suite 150 Phone: (408) 957-9270 Milpitas, CA 95035 Fax: (408) 957-9277 VESA ENHANCED EDID LOCALIZED STRING EXTENSION STANDARD Release A July 10, 2003 Purpose This standard defines an extension to the Enhanced EDID (E-EDID) data format used to provide specific types of string information. Summary This document describes a 128-byte data structure, provided as an optional extension to the base Enhanced EDID data structure. This structure provides data in the form of character strings used to describe the monitor. These strings are used to supplement or replace similar strings in the base EDID by providing more complete string descriptions and/or string descriptions using different languages or localizations. VESA LS-EXT Standard Release A Copyright 2003 Video Electronics Standards Association Page 2 of 21 Preface Intellectual Property Copyright 1994 - 2003 Video Electronics Standards Association. All rights reserved. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this standard, the Video Electronics Standards Association and its contributors assume no responsibility for errors or omissions, and make no warranties, expressed or implied, of functionality or suitability for any purpose. Trademarks All trademarks used within this document are the property of their respective owners. VESA, DDC, DPMS, EDID, EVC, P otherwise block 1 is used as a block map. VESA LS-EXT Standard Release A Copyright 2003 Video Electronics Standards Association Page 7 of 21 EDID Block Map Extension Byte # Description 0 Tag for Block Map 1 Extension Tag for data in block 2 or block 129 Unused blocks are listed as Extension Tag = 0 2 Extension Tag for data in block 3 or block 130 N Extension Tag for data in block N+1 or block N+128 126 Extension Tag for data in block 127 or block 254 127 Check sum for this block map Block Tag is a byte that identifies the content of the Extension Block. A partial list of defined Tags is listed in Section General Extension Format Byte # Description 0 Extension Tag 1 Revision number for this tag One byte binary number. Revisions are backward compatible. 2-126 Extension data 127 Checksum for this Extension Block VESA LS-EXT Standard Release A Copyright 2003 Video Electronics Standards Association Page 8 of 21 EDID Extension Tags Assigned by VESA VESA will maintain a list of assigned EDID Extension Tags used to identify VESA Standard EDID Extensions. For the most current list of EDID Extensions, see the VESA website. Tag Description 02h Timing Extension 20h EDID 2.0 Extension 40h Display Information Extension (DI-EXT) 50h Localized String Extension (LS-EXT) 60h Microdisplay Interface Extension (MI-EXT) F0h Block Map FFh Extension defined by monitor manufacturer. Note: At the time of the publication of this document, several of these extensions were not yet been defined or written. Contact VESA for the latest list of published EDID Extensions. VESA LS-EXT Standard Release A Copyright 2003 Video Electronics Standards Association Page 9 of 21 3. Localized String Extension The Localized String Extension mechanism allows for the display of user-friendly information in the language and dialect of the user. It also enables a manufacturer to resolve legal issues in other countries by enabling the host operating system (OS) to select the correct trademark in the correct country. LS-EXT accomplishes this by using Unicode for all strings, which contains all the characters of the world, and thus will display correctly on any Unicode-compliant computer. There can be multiple LS-EXT extension blocks in an E-EDID. In addition, there can be multiple string tables in each extension block. See section 3.5.3, “Language ID Structure”, for rules on multiple string tables. 3.1 Extension Overview Address No. bytes Description Format 00h 1 Bytes Ext ID 50h 01h 2 Bytes Extension Version / Revision 01h 1 Version # Binary 02h 1 Revision # Binary 03h 2 Bytes Unicode Version 03h 1 Major/Minor Binary 04h 1 Update Binary 05h Upto 122 Bytes String Table(s) 7Fh 1 Byte Checksum The 1-byte sum of all 128 bytes in this EDID block shall equal zero Table 3.1 LS-EXT Extension Overview The following sections provide details on each byte of the EDID Version 1 data structure. 3.2 Extension ID This extension block is assigned the block tag of 50h. This tag is stored at the first byte of the extension block. 3.3 Extension Version/Revision 2 Bytes LS-EXT Structure Version, Revision 1 Version no. Binary 1 Revision no. Binary Table 3.2 LS-EXT Structure Version and Revision The appropriate version and revision numbers shall be stored here. Products compliant with this document shall have Version = 1 and Revision = 0. Major revisions are backwardly compatible. Software should not reject an LS-EXT block due to revision mismatches. 3.4 U

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