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DOE-HDBK-1141-2008 August 2008 DOE HANDBOOK Radiological Assessor Training U.S. Department of Energy AREA TRNG Washington, D.C. 20585 DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. NOT MEASUREMENT SENSITIVE This document is available on the Department of Energy Technical Standards Program Web site at http:/ Foreword This Handbook describes an implementation process for training as recommended in Implementation Guide G441.1-1B, Radiation Protection Programs, March 2007, and as outlined in DOE- STD- 1098-99, CN1, March 2005, DOE Radiological Control (the Radiological Control Standard - RCS). The Handbook is meant to assist those individuals within the Department of Energy, Managing and Operating contractors, and Managing and Integrating contractors identified as having responsibility for implementing training required by Title 10 Code of Federal Regulations Part 835 Occupational Radiation Protection (10 CFR 835) and training recommended by the RCS. This training is intended for auditors and assessors to assist in meeting the training requirements of 10 CFR 835 for the conduct of audits and assessments of occupational radiation protection programs. While this Handbook addresses many requirements of 10 CFR 835 Subpart B, it must be supplemented with facility-specific information to achieve full compliance. This Handbook contains recommended training materials consistent with other DOE radiological safety training materials. The training material consists of the following five parts: Program Management Guide - This part contains detailed information on how to use the Handbook material. Instructors Guide - This part contains lesson plans for instructor use, including notation of key points for inclusion of facility-specific information. Overheads - This part contains overheads instructor use corresponding to the Instructors Guide. Students Guide - This part contains student handout material and also should be augmented by facility-specific information. Handouts - This part contains several student handouts that provide supporting information for various modules. This training material is targeted for individuals with a basic knowledge of radiological protection concepts and provides material on how to conduct a radiological assessment. This Handbook was produced in Microsoft Word and has been formatted for printing on a HP 4M (or higher) LaserJet printer. Overheads were produced in Powerpoint. Copies of this Handbook may be obtained from either the DOE Radiation Safety Training Home Page Internet site (http:/ or the Technical Standards Internet site (http:/ iii This page intentionally left blank. Part 1 of 5 Radiological Assessor Training DOE-HDBK-1141-2008 Program Management Guide Office of Health, Safety Method to conduct initial screening of personnel involved Method and equipment for analysis of biological materials A system of fixed nuclear accident dosimeter units Personal nuclear accident dosimeters Show OT 2.32. Summarize lesson. Review objectives. Ask for questions. T T Radiological Assessor Training DOE-HDBK-1141- 2008 Instructors Guide Module 2 - 22 This page intentionally left blank. Radiological Assessor Training DOE-HDBK-1141-2008 Instructors Guide Module 3 1 DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY LESSON PLAN Course Material Topic: Overview of the DOE Radiological Control Standard Objectives: Upon completion of this lesson, the participant will be able to: 1. Describe the managerial responsibilities in the DOE Radiological Control Standard. 2. Describe the contents of the DOE Radiological Control Standard. Training Aids: Overhead Transparencies (OTs): OT 3.1 OT 3.12 (may be supplemented or substituted with updated or site-specific information) Equipment Needs: Overhead projector Screen Student Materials: Students Guide References: U.S. Department of Energy, DOE-STD-1098-99, Radiological Control, Reaffirmed December 2004. U.S. Department of Energy, O 440.1B, Worker Protection Program for DOE (Including the National Nuclear Security Agency) Federal Employees, May 2007. Module 2 Page 0 I. Introduction II. DOE Radiological Control Standard The DOE Radiological Control Standard is written for line management. It is designed to assist line managers in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities for implementing an occupational radiation protection program. It is also designed to assist site/facility workers in having the information they need to be responsible for their own radiological exposures and to help ensure that the controls are in place to eliminate any releases, unplanned exposures or uptake, and to apply ALARA principles. The emphasis is on teamwork and support from line management. The Radiological Control Standard may be considered as an occupational radiation protection good practices document. Individual sites may have contractual commitments to i

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