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SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings SSPC-CS 23.00(I) March 1, 2000 COATING SYSTEM CS 23.00(1) Interim Specification for the Application of Thermal Spray Coatings (Mehanizing) of Aluminum, Zinc, and Their Alloys and Composites for the Corrosion Protection of Steel Foreword This SSPC Interim Specification for the Application of Thermal Spray Coatings (Metallizing) of Aluminum, Zinc, elf-aligning adhesion tester) psi MPa 500 3.45 1000 6.89 700 4.83 1000 6.89 2. Make one portable tensile bond measurement about every 500 50 mE. If the tensile bond is less than the contract specification, remove the degraded TSC and reapply. 3. For non-destructive measurement: Measure tensile force to the contract-specified tensile. Then reduce the tensile force and remove the tensile fixture without damaging the TSC. Note: The tensile-bond meurernent of the portable test instrument may be related to the ASTM C 633 laboratory method in Annex D. 259 SSPC-CS 23.0(KI) March 1,2000 6.5 BEND TEST: The bend test (180-degree bend on a mandrel) is used as a qualitative test for proper surface preparation, equipment setup, and spray parameters. The bend test puts the thermal spray coating in tension. The mandrel diameter for the threshold of cracking depends on substrate thickness, coating thickness, and mandrel diameter. The following table summarizes a very limited bend-test cracking threshold for arc-sprayed Zn TSC thickness on steel coupons 0.050 in 13ram thick versus mandrel diameter. Table 2- Bend Test Cracking Threshold: Mandrel Diameter vs. TSC Thickness (For steel coupons 0.050 i 13 nun thick) TSC Thickness (mils) 10 15 _25 Mandrel Diameter 1/2 5/8 120C 250F, a high-temperature resistant coating such as an aluminum pigmented silicone sealer is required. Figure 3 - Line and spot TSC thickness measurement . j.J._I_F-J- . 5 in line at about 2.5 cm 1 in intervals 5inaspotofaboutlOcm 2 1.6in. 2 265 SSPC-CS 23.00(I) March 1, 2000 Figure 4. Thickness and Tensile Bond Measurements for JRS Qualification ,J s 1- Divide the area into four quadrants. i /l . 2- Measure thickness in each quadrant, 5 in-line at about 1-in. 2.5 cm intervals near the center of a 45 o diagonal line. PULUNO FORCE / 3 - Measure tensile bond at the center of each quadrant with a self-aligning instrument. 4- Record measurements in each of the four quadrants. 2f Annex A - Model Procurement Specification SSPC-CS 23.00 March 1,2000 The Model Specification (Bolded text is the model specification. Scripted text is optional and if used, should match the.format or near-white metal finish, SSPC- SP 10/NACE No. 2, for other a_p.p_J ic_at . (a) Specify abrasive basting media type and size. See Note (1). (a) Specify the minimum area, e.g., 100 to 200 ft 2 10-20 m2. 3.2.1 Thermal Spray Feedstock Requirement (a) Specify wire per Annex C or _ Use ahe_ .rn_a/_s p r_a_y_ .wire_ . AST.M_. B 83 .3_ . 3.2.2TSC Thickness Requirement (a) Specify the minimum The minimum TSC thickness shall be (a) thickness. The maximum TSC thickness shall be (b) Measure TSC thickness per SSPC-PA 2. (b) Specify the maximum thickness. 3.2.3 TSC Tensile Bond Requirement (a) The TSC shall have a minimum tensile bond of (a) psi MPa per ASTM D 4541 using a self-aligning portable test instrument for the coating thickness specified in 3.2.2. Use the following adhesive: (b) manufactured by (c) Record this information in the Job Control Record (JCR, see Note (2) and the expiration date for the use of the adhesive. For the adhesive used, attach the manufacturers instructions to the Job _ _R eferen ce S_.9_n .da rd (.JR. .se .eNote_ (3.). _ . (a) Specify the minimum tensile bond. (b)Adhesive type. (c) Manufacturer of the adhesive. 268 SSPC-CS 23.00 March 1,2000 The Model Specification (Bolded text is the model specification. Scripted text is optional and if used, should match the Cormat ize Found Suitable for TSCs on Steel Substrates Blasting Media Aluminum oxide Angular steel grit Copper iQN HI=CUPID Work It e m/Area: Step other contamination. Environmental Requirements 1- The steel surface temperature shall be at least 3-dog C 5-deg F above the dew poinL SSPC-CS 23.00(I) March l, 2000 Production Process Requirement In-Process QC Check Point urtace Preparauon - uu P-/NA(.;- ;Z wnn z.b-mil angular proille ) (White metal finish rsc uired for madne, immersion, and other critical service.) Degrease to remove oil, salts, L.o Adhesive contact area for portable tensile test specimens. . 1 1.010 in. diameter holes to receive 1.00 in. diameter ASTM C 633 tensile test specimens. Holding bracket for ASTM C 633 test fixture. / ASTM C 633 test fixture: Apply release agent to cylindrical surface. Back side S-OEG ABOVE DEW POINT Section E.7 QCCP #7.1 I 2r-DEG F PREHEAT FOR FLAME SP RAYING QCCP # 72A I + SPRAY NORMAL 4- 30-DEG TO SURFACE this will force the peaks back into the valleys. Use only angular and clean blasting media of suitable mesh size to 281 SSPC-CS 23.00(I) March 1, 2000 cut the _ 2.5 mils 63 gin anchor-tooth pr

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