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168 SSPC-PS 1.13 November 1, 1982 Editorial Changes September 1, 2000 SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings PAINTING SYSTEM NO. 1.13 One-Coat Oil Base Slow Drying Maintenance Painting System (Without Lead or Chromate Pigments) 1. Scope 1.1 This specification covers a one-coat oil base, lead- and chromate-free painting system for steel cleaned with hand or power tools. 1.2 This system is suitable for use on parts or struc- tures exposed in Environmental Zone 1A (interior, normally dry) and Zone 1B (exterior, normally dry). 1.3 This system is never used as a shop coat because of its very long drying time. It is unsuitable for use where the slow drying, slippery paint film would be dangerous to workmen when walking or climbing on painted surfaces. 2. Description 2.1 This painting system consists of surface prepara- tion by solvent cleaning and hand or power tool cleaning and one coat of slow drying linseed oil maintenance primer. 3. Reference Standards 3.1 The standards referenced in this guide are listed in Section 3.4 and 3.5 and form a part of the specification. 3.2 The latest issue, revision, or amendment of the reference standards in effect on the date of invitation to bid shall govern unless otherwise specified. 3.3 If there is a conflict between the requirements of any of the cited reference standards and the specification, the requirements of the specification shall prevail. 3.4 SSPC STANDARDS AND JOINT STANDARDS: PA 1Shop, Field, and Maintenance Painting of Steel PA 2Measurement of Dry Coating Thickness With Magnetic Gages PA Guide 4Guide to Maintenance Repaint- ing with Oil Base or Alkyd Paint- ing Systems Paint 26Slow-Drying Linseed Oil Black Maintenance Primer (Without Lead and Chromate Pigments) SP 2Hand Tool Cleaning SP 3Power Tool Cleaning SP 5/NACE No. 1White Metal Blast Cleaning SP 6/NACE No. 3Commercial Blast Cleaning SP 7/NACE No. 4Brush-Off Blast Cleaning SP 8Pickling SP 10/NACE No. 2Near-White Blast Cleaning 3.5 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MA- TERIALS (ASTM) STANDARD: D 3925Practice for Sampling Liquid Paints and Related Pigmented Coatings 4. Surface Preparation 4.1 SSPC-SP 2, “Hand Tool Cleaning”, or SSPC-SP 3, “Power Tool Cleaning.” If specified in the procurement documents, blast cleaning or pickling shall be substituted (SSPC-SP 5, 6, 7, 8, or 10). 5. Paints 5.1 PRIMER: SSPC-Paint 26, “Slow Drying Linseed Oil Maintenance Primer.” 6. Paint Application 6.1 PAINT APPLICATION: Follow requirements of SSPC-PA 1, “Shop, Field, and Maintenance Painting of Steel.” 6.2 TOUCH-UP PAINTING: In accordance with speci- fication SSPC-PA 1, “Shop, Field, and Maintenance Paint- ing of Steel,” and in particular with the section thereof entitled “Field Painting of Steel.” 6.3 MAINTENANCE PAINTING: The provisions of SSPC-PA Guide 4, “Guide to Maintenance Repainting with Oil Base or Alkyd Painting Systems,” should be followed. 6.4 NUMBER OF COATS: Minimum of one. 6.5 DRY FILM THICKNESS OF PAINT SYSTEM: Not less than the following as measured in accordance with SSPC-PA 2, “Measurement of Dry Coating Thickness with Magnetic Gages”: primer 100 micrometers (4.0 mils). 169 SSPC-PS 1.13 November 1, 1982 Editorial Changes September 1, 2000 7. Inspection 7.1 All work and materials supplied under this specifi- cation are subject to timely inspection by the purchaser or his authorized representative. The contractor shall correct such work or replace such material as is found defective under this specification. (See Note 9.1.) In case of dispute, unless otherwise specified, the arbitration or settlement procedure established in the procurement documents shall be followed. If no arbitration procedure is established, the procedure specified by the American Arbitration Associa- tion shall be used. 7.2 Samples of paints under this painting system may be requested by the purchaser and shall be supplied upon request along with the manufacturers name and identifica- tion for the materials. Samples may be requested at the time the purchase order is placed, or may be taken from unopened containers at the job site. 7.3 Unless otherwise specified, the sampling shall be in accordance with ASTM D 3925. 8. Disclaimer 8.1 While every precaution is taken to ensure that all information furnished in SSPC standards and specifica- tions is as accurate, complete, and useful as possible, SSPC cannot assume responsibility nor incur any obliga- tion resulting from the use of any materials, coatings, or methods specified herein, or of the specification or stan- dard itself. 8.2 This specification does not attempt to address problems concerning safety associated with its use. The user of this specification, as well as the user of all products or practices described herein, is responsible for instituting appropriate health and safety practices and for insuring compliance with all governmental regulations. 9. Note Notes are not a requirement of this specification. 9.1 The procurement documents should establish the responsibility for samp

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