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TIA/EIA STANDARD Telecommunications Telephone Terminal Equipment Stutter Dial Tone Detection Device Performance Requirements TIA/EIA-855 JUNE 2001 TELECOMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION The Telecommunications Industry Association Represents the Communications Sector of ANSI/TIA/EIA-855-2001 Approved: May 16, 2001 TIA/EIA-855 NOTICE TIA/EIA Engineering Standards and Publications are designed to serve the public interest through eliminating misunderstandings between manufacturers and purchasers, facilitating interchangeability and improvement of products, and assisting the purchaser in selecting and obtaining with minimum delay the proper product for his particular need. Existence of such Standards and Publications shall not in any respect preclude any member or nonmember of TIA/EIA from manufacturing or selling products not conforming to such Standards and Publications, nor shall the existence of such Standards and Publications preclude their voluntary use by those other than TIA/EIA members, whether the standard is to be used either domestically or internationally. Standards and Publications are adopted by TIA/EIA in accordance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) patent policy. By such action, TIA/EIA does not assume any liability to any patent owner, nor does it assume any obligation whatever to parties adopting the Standard or Publication. This Standard does not purport to address all safety problems associated with its use or all applicable regulatory requirements. It is the responsibility of the user of this Standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and to determine the applicability of regulatory limitations before its use. (From Standards Proposal No. 4159-A, formulated under the cognizance of the TIA TR-41.3 Subcommittee on Analog and Digital Wireline Terminals.) Published by TELECOMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION 2001 Standards and Technology Department 2500 Wilson Boulevard Arlington, VA 22201 PRICE: Please refer to current Catalog of EIA ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES ALLIANCE STANDARDS and ENGINEERING PUBLICATIONS or call Global Engineering Documents, USA and Canada (1-800-854-7179) International (303-397-7956) All rights reserved Printed in U.S.A. PLEASE! DONT VIOLATE THE LAW! This document is copyrighted by the TIA and may not be reproduced without permission. Organizations may obtain permission to reproduce a limited number of copies through entering into a license agreement. For information, contact: Global Engineering Documents 15 Inverness Way East Englewood, CO 80112-5704 or call U.S.A. and Canada 1-800-854-7179, International (303) 397-7956 i FOREWORD (This foreword is not part of this standard.) This document is a TIA/EIA Telecommunications standard produced by Working Group TR-41.3.2 of Committee TR-41. This standard was developed in accordance with TIA/EIA procedural guidelines, and represents the consensus position of the formulating Working Group. Some of the requirements contained in this standard are based on information obtained from external organizations, including FCC, Bellcore, ANSI, and others. The formulating Working Group gratefully acknowledges the cooperation and support of these external organizations. There is one Annex in this document. Annex A has a list of references that is informative only, and is not considered a part of this standard. Suggestions for improvement of this standard are welcome. They should be sent to: Telecommunications Industry Association Engineering Department Suite 300 2500 Wilson Boulevard Arlington, VA 22201 ii TR41.3.2 Working Group Members CONTRIBUTOR.ORGANIZATION REPRESENTED James Bress (Chairman) .AST Technology Labs Don McKinnon .AST Technology Labs David Stenner .Advent Instruments Trone Bishop .Bell Atlantic Dennis Dease .BellSouth Jim Mazzolini, Mark Karnowski .Casio-Phonemate Thomas Ahn .Cobra Electronics Anh Wride .Communication Certification Laboratory Len Bleile .ESP Harry Van Zandt .GTE Scott Early .InDesign Henry Mar .Industry Canada Ron Bernot .Intertek Testing Services William Becker, Steve Whitesell .Lucent Technologies James Kemerling .MX-COM Philip Ching .Mitel Corp. Jerry Freestone.Nortel Networks Greg Neal (Editor) .Notify Corp. Herbert Lippold .Sanyo Fisher Company Ron Magnuson .Siemens Tim Capizzi , Yoshi Egami .Sony Dr. Amar Nath Ray , Cliff Chamney .Sprint Local Telephone Division Stan Pietrowicz .Telcordia Technologies Michael Menard , Russ Stubbs .US West Al Baum .Uniden Steve Kropp, Kris Schatz .VTech Engineering Larry Bell, Jim Smith .Wyle Labs iii TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. SCOPE.1 2. NORMATIVE REFERENCES.1 3. DEFINITIONS, ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS.3 4. TECHNICAL CRITERIA FOR SDT CPE.4 4.1 Voicemail and SDT.4 4.2 SDT Signaling Parameters.4 4.3 Automatic Stutter Dial Tone Detection Device .5 4.4 Multiple SDT CPE Interworking .5 4.5 Line and CPE States.5 4.6 General Test Conditions .6 4.7 Events Triggering Automatic SDT Checking.6 4.7.1 In-Use Event.7 In-Use and Idle DC Voltages.8

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