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177 SSPC-PS Guide 4.00 November 1, 1982 Editorial Changes September 1, 2000 SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings PAINTING SYSTEM GUIDE 4.00 Guide for Selecting Vinyl Painting Systems* Most needs for vinyl painting systems can be met by the standard SSPC Painting Systems 4.02 and 4.04 in this section. Other combinations of surface preparation, primer, intermediates, and topcoats may be selected for special situations for vinyl painting systems using the following Guide. To do so, select the desired surface preparation, primer, intermediate(s), and topcoat from those listed herein and insert them into the standard SSPC Painting System format In order to aid in the selection, short comments are given. For additional information consult the “Commentary on Painting Systems” and the referenced standards. 1. Scope 1.1 This guide covers vinyl painting systems for blast cleaned or pickled steel. 1.2 These systems are suitable for use on parts or structures exposed in Environmental Zones 1A (interior, normally dry), 2A (frequently wet by fresh water), 2B (fre- quently wet by salt water), 2C (fresh water immersion), 2D (salt water immersion), 3A (chemical, acidic), and 3B (chemi- cal neutral). 1.3 The color of the finish paint must be specified. 2. Description 2.1 This guide outlines the components of a complete vinyl painting system. A painting system shall consist of surface preparation by commercial blast cleaning or pick- ling, one coat of wash primer (when required), one coat of vinyl primer, one or two intermediate coat(s), and one finish coat of vinyl paint. 3. Reference Standards 3.1 The standards referenced in this guide are listed in Section 3.4 through 3.8 and form a part of the specification. 3.2 The latest issue, revision, or amendment of the reference standards in effect on the date of invitation to bid shall govern unless otherwise specified. 3.3 If there is a conflict between the requirements of any of the cited reference standards and the specification, the requirements of the specification shall prevail. 3.4 SSPC STANDARDS AND JOINT STANDARDS: PA 1Shop, Field, and Maintenance Painting of Steel PA 2Measurement of Dry Coating Thickness With Magnetic Gages PA Guide 4Guide to Maintenance Repaint- ing with Oil Base or Alkyd Paint- ing Systems Paint 8Aluminum Vinyl Paint Paint 9White (or Colored) Vinyl Paint Paint 27*Basic Zinc Chromate Vinyl Butyral Wash Primer PS 4.02Four-Coat Vinyl Painting System (For Fresh Water, Chemical, and Corrosive Atmospheres) PS 4.04Four-Coat White or Colored Vi- nyl Painting System (For Fresh Water, Chemical, and Corrosive Atmospheres) SP 2Hand Tool Cleaning SP 3Power Tool Cleaning SP 5/NACE No. 1White Metal Blast Cleaning SP 6/NACE No. 3Commercial Blast Cleaning SP 8Pickling SP 10/NACE No. 2Near-White Blast Cleaning 3.5 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MA- TERIALS (ASTM) STANDARD: D 3925Practice for Sampling Liquid Paints and Related Pigmented Coatings 3.6 FEDERAL SPECIFICATIONS AND STANDARDS: MIL-L-2838(canceled) Lacquer, Vinyl Resin, Gasoline and Water Resistant MIL-P-15930Primer, Vinyl-Zinc Chromate Type, (for Hot Spray) MIL-E-15935(canceled) Enamel, Outside, Gray, Vinyl-Alkyd MIL-E-15936(canceled) Enamel, Exterior, Gray, No. 27 Vinyl-Alkyd MIL-E-16188(canceled) Enamel, Exterior, Gray, No. 17 (Vinyl-Alkyd) MIL-E-16738(canceled) Enamel, Exterior, White, (Vinyl-Alkyd) 178 SSPC-PS Guide 4.00 November 1, 1982 Editorial Changes September 1, 2000 MIL-E-24292(canceled) Enamel, Exterior, Dark Gray (Vinyl-Alkyd) MIL-E-24306(canceled) Enamel, Exterior, Black (Vinyl-Alkyd) MIL-E-24307(canceled) Enamel, Exterior, Gray (Vinyl-Alkyd) MlL-P-28641(canceled) Primer Coating, Vinyl Chloride Copolymer, High-Build (for Steel and Masonry) MlL-P-28642(canceled) Paint (Topcoat), Vi- nyl Chloride Acetate Copolymer, High Build (for Steel and Ma- sonry) MIL-E-82401Enamel, Exterior, Vinyl-Alkyd, Red 3.7 US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS STANDARDS: CW-09940Painting Hydraulic Structures and Appurtenant Works V-106Vinyl Type Red Oxide (Light or Dark Color) Paint V-766Vinyl-Type White (or Gray) Paint VZ-108Vinyl-Type Zinc-Rich Paint 3.8 U.S. BUREAU OF RECLAMATION STANDARDS: VR-3Vinyl Resin Paint VR-6Vinyl Resin Paint VR-M*Vinyl Resin Mastic 4. Surface Preparation 4.1 SSPC-SP 6, “Commercial Blast Cleaning,” or SSPC- SP 8, “Pickling. If specified in the procurement documents, better degrees of blast cleaning shall be substituted (SSPC- SP 5 or 10). COMMENT: Blast cleaning or pickling of the steel is the minimum recommended surface preparation for new work. Better degrees of blast cleaning (SSPC-SP 5 or 10) may be substituted. The high degree of cleanliness provided by these cleaning methods may be more economical or may be required for corrosive conditions. In maintenance re- painting when only small areas need to be cleaned, hand or power tool cleaning (SSPC-SP 2 or 3) may suffice. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the Corps of Engi- neers, and some others require that white metal (SSPC-SP 5) or near-white (S

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