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MIL-STD-911 29 June1990 ILARysrApJAR THE DEPARTMENTOF DEFENSE STNW).4RD FAMILY OF T.4TlC8.l. F.ICIPWALLSHELTERS A!SC N/A FSC 5411 DISTRIBUTIONSTATEMENTA.Approvedfor publicrelease;distributionis unlimited. MIL-STD-91i FjkART) 1.This militarystandardis approvedfoI use by all Departmentsand Agenciesof the Departmentof Defense. 2.Beneficialcomments(recoendationsadditions)deletionsand anY pertinentdata which maybe of usein improvingthis documentshould be addressedto: EngineeringProgram ManagementDirectorate,U.S. Army Natick search, DevelopmentandEngineeringCenter,STRNC-ES,Natick,MA 0760-514. by usingthe StandardizationDocumentImprovementProposal(DD Form1426) appearingat the encof this documentor byletter. 3.This documentsupplementsdepartmentalmanuals,directives,and military standards,and providesbasicand fundamentalinformationon the DOD Standard Family of TacticalRigidWallSheiters.It is intendedas a generalreference to aidin the selectionprocessand prclide fo(StdllJtL:CliZ4citlCli)amorL:1.1 2. 1.2 3. 3.1 3.2 5. 5.1 5. 1.1 !i.1,1.i 5. 1,1.2 5 .1.2 5. 1.2.1 5. 1.2.2 5. 1.3 5. 1.3.1 6. 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 MIL-STD-!J1l CONTENTS SCOPE.0. Purpose. Policy. ScopeG*.* .*.*G*G*G*G Classification. APPLICABLEDOCUMENTS ernment.mfss,.,.O. . Specifications,Standards,and Handbooks. OtherGovernmentDocuments. DEFINITIONS Acronymsusedin this standard. Definitions.O. cFNR61REC)l:RMRN7C Background.*.,.*G.*.*G.*=*G.*.*G* JOCOTASdesignstandards. DETAILEDREQUIREMENTS ShelterCharacteristics.* . Nonexpandabletacticalshelters. Armyshelt.ers .* MarineCorpsshelters. Navyshelters. Expandable ;-thaissde Of ttte3pT-J;, . ,!s PAYLOAD :1900lbs GROSSWEIGHT:2670lbs NSN:5411-00-999-4935/Unsk,ielded NSN :5411-00-489-6076/EMIShleided NAME :Shelter,ElectricalEquipment,S-280(C)/G DESCRIPTION:rhismobileshet.r is typically usedto houseelectronic equipmentandrepairshops. The shelteris designedfortransportby cargotruck,fixedorrotary wingaircraft,rail, shiporlandingcraft. SPECIFICATION :MIL-s-55286 INTERIORDIMENSIONS: 65”E x (jlo” 116” EXTERIORDIMENSIONS: 73” H 73” x 12 L TARE WEIGHT:1400lbs PAYLOAD :5000lbs GROSSWEIGHT:6400lbs NSN :5411-00-092-0892/Ut)snLeLded Nsti :541i-Ci-304-3069/EMI Sheilded NAME :Sheiter,Tactical,Nonexpandable (1S0) DESCRIPTION:This mobileshelteris typically space.Theshelterconformsto 1S0 standards equipmentandcan be transportedby all modes cargocontainerships. SPE.CIFICAiIOl :MXL-”S-44196 INTERIORDIMENSIONS: 7!” H 77”Wx 19 L EXTERIORDIMENSIONS: 8Hx8WX20L TARE WEIGHT:3900Ibs PAYLOAD:11,100lbs L usedfor work-in/live-in for materialhandling of transportationincluding - 4 GROSS WEIGHT:15,00C lbs EMI SHIELDED:No YSY: 541-01-136-9837/60AMP NSN:5411-01-294-6390/100AMP followingis a list of availableMarine Corps . nonexpendabletacticalshelters.For furtherinformationor guidance, contact MarineCorps.Research,DevelopmentandAcquisition Command,ATTN: Code SSCGP, Washington,D.C.20380-0001. NAME :ShelterAssembly,10 Foot(1S0) SPECIFICATION: MiL-S-?q411 INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 72” H xb RXL EXTERIORDIMENSIONS:8HX8WX1OL TARE WEIGHT:2670lbs PAYLOAD :3500lbs CROSS WEIGHT:6170!bs EMI SHIELDED:Yes NSN:5411-01-206-6079 NAME : serAsspITIy,2(IFc)c)t(1S0) SPECIFICATION:MIL-S-29411 INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 72” H X 76” W x1911”L EXTERIORDIMENSIONS:8Hx8wx20L TARE WEIGHT:4180lbs PAYLOAD:7000lbs GROSS WEIGHT:11.180lbs EMI SiiILL1)ED: Yes NSN :5411-01-206-6078 NAME :ShelterAssembly,Rigid,GeneralPurpose SPECIFICATION:?IIL-S-2941O INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 71” WX75”Hx19 L EXTERIORDIMENSIONS:8 H X8 W x 20 L TARE WEIGHT:3900lt)s PAYLOAD:7000lbs GROSSWEIGHT:10,90Glbs EMI SHIELDED:NO NSN:5411-01-209-3451 followingis alist of availableNavy nonexpendabletacticalshelters.For furtherinformationor guidance,contact NavalAir SystemsCommand,ATTN:AIR-41712A,Washington,D.C. 20361. XAXI :iiNobilcIYac.ilit:;,I:/p A (,150) DESCRIPTION:Tworemovableenddoors andoneremovableECU access panel. INTERIOR DIMENSIONS:84.3”H X 89.81” W X 232.3”L EXTERIORDIMENSIONS: 96” H x 96” W x 238”L - MIL- STLJ-9i. TARE WEIGHT:5,035lbs PAYLOAD:14,965lbs GROSS WEIGHT:20,000lbs EMI SHIELDED:No PART NO.1339AS700-1(30003) NAME :Basic MobileFacility,Type B (1S0) DESCRIPTION:This mobilesheltertypicallyhastwo removableend doors and one removableECU accesspanel. INTERIOR DIMENSIONS:84.3”H x 89.81” WX232.3”L EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 96” H x 96” W x 238”L TARE WEIGHT:5,235lbs PAYLOAD :14,765lbs GROSS WEIGHT:20,000lbs EMI SHIELDED:hiO PART NO.1339AS701-130003) NAYE :IntegrationUnit MobiieFacility(.1S0) DESCRIPTION:This mobilesheltertypicallyhastwo removableend doors and three removableside panelsfor completing. INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 84.3”H X 89.81” WX232.3”L EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 96” H x 96” W x 238”L TARE WEIGHT:5,865lbs PAYLOAD :14,135lbs GROSS WEIGHT:20,000lbs EMI SHIELDED:No PART NO.1339AS900-2(30003) NAME :Side OpeningMobileFacility,TypeA (1S0) DESCRIPTION:This mobilesheltertypicallyhastwo removableend doors, one removableside-wallpanelfor side-tosidecompleting,and two remo

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